Opening Enrollment

Offering a Section to Teachers

1) In the summary view, when you have chosen the schedule plan you will be using for the next term, you can offer the classes to the teachers by clicking on the “Offer To Teachers” button.

2) A message will appear to confirm this action. Click “Offer to Teachers” to confirm. This will trigger an email blast to all teachers that will show all their offered classes.

(NOTE: This will now be the schedule for the next term. You are not allowed to offer other schedule plans to teachers if you confirm this action.)

3) Upon confirmation, you will notice that the “Offer To Teachers” button for all schedule plans are now disabled and your chosen schedule plan will now have a “Open Enrollment” button in its card in the Schedules page.

Opening Enrollment

1) (NOTE: You can only open enrollment if you have already done the “Offer To Teachers” function.) In the Schedules page, look for the schedule plan that you have offered to teachers. You will see that there is now a “Open Enrollment” button in it.

2) If you are ready to open enrollment to students, click on the “Open Enrollment” button. You will notice your schedule plan now has an “Open for Enrollment” label.

3) Students will be informed that they may now enroll and enlist subjects via e-mail and/or SMS.

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