Online Enrollment

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Things to do before Enrollment

In order for the 'Start Enrollment' button to be accessible, make sure you have been able to accomplish all of your child's clearance requirements and hold orders.

You will not be able to proceed with the enrollment process unless your child is cleared of any hold order requirement.

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How to start the Enrollment process

On your home page, the Enrollment Status widget containing all students linked to your account will be displayed.

For each student displayed in the widget, their incoming year level (and strand -- if they're an incoming Senior High School student) along with progress indicators will be displayed. A Go To Step link is visible on the last column of the widget so you can jump ahead to the specific step of your student's enrollment.

The progress indicators will reflect which step of the enrollment process your student is currently in:

  1. Not yet started

  2. For updating of information

  3. For selection of payment schedule and school supplies

  4. For payment

  5. For verification

  6. Enrolled

You can leave the app and return to where you left off. Just click on the 'Go To Step' link in the Enrollment Status widget.

Generally, there are 5 steps in our online enrollment process although this may vary depending on the requirements of your schools as some schools may not opt to make use of some of the features:

  1. View and Review the Enrollment Instructions

  2. Update Student Profile

  3. Select Payment Schedules and School Supplies

  4. Payment

  5. Confirmation

STEP ONE: Enrollment Instructions

After clicking on the 'Go to Step' for those that are in the 'Have not yet started' status, you will be taken to the Enrollment Instructions screen.

This is where your school's rules, policies and payment instructions can be viewed.

You need to read through the instructions and tick the 'I agree with [your school]'s enrollment policy' checkbox to be able to proceed to the next steps.

STEP TWO: Update Student Profile

In this step, you, as a guardian, may or may not be required to update or fill out your student's personal, contact or any additional information that the school needs.

Click on the 'Edit' button to update your student's information.

In some cases, you may also be asked to upload soft copies of some documents as part of the school's enrollment policies.

Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk. (*)

You need to tick the 'I certify that the following information are true' checkbox to be able to proceed to the next steps.

STEP THREE: Select Payment Schedules and School Supplies

In the third step of the enrollment process, you will need to select your payment schedule and any school supplies being offered by the school. Will you be paying in full or in installment?

Your school will determine the offered payment schedules available per year level.

Make a selection by clicking on the 'Payment Schedule' dropdown to view all payment due dates associated with the Payment Schedule selected and then click 'Proceed to Payment'.

STEP FOUR: For Payment

In the 'For Payment' step, you will be able to view the breakdown of your student's assessment. Any discounts or additional charges will also be displayed in this screen.

Your school's payment instructions will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Your school may also provide you with a more detailed payment instruction document in this screen. Simply click on the 'Show Detailed Payment Instructions' link.

The 'Other Payment Channel' mode of payment may be pre-selected if Online Payment is not available for your school. Click on the 'Proceed' button if you're ready to make a payment.

Your student will only be considered officially enrolled after payment verification by your school.

STEP FIVE: Confirmation

After you've made your payment, your school's accounting or cashiering office will verify and record your payment in Edusuite.

An email notification regarding your payment will be sent to you.

After confirmation or verification of your payment, your student will now be tagged as officially enrolled for the school year.

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