SOA Preview Manager

Last updated: July 4, 2021 by BAS

The SOA Preview Manager will allow you to generate, review and send a copy of the SOA Preview to students.

The SOA Preview document gives the students a sneak peak of how much they might need to pay for the upcoming term's enrollment.

To get to this screen, click on the SOA Preview Manager menu found under the Finance menu group.

Note than unlike the SOA Manager, you are only able to generate and view SOA Previews for the next term.

Generate SOA Preview Documents


It is recommended that the following had already been set up and generated before proceeding:

Click on the 'Generate SOA Preview' button on the upper right portion of the screen to get started. A pop-up window will be displayed where a class demand will need to be selected as the basis for the SOA Preview to be generated.

This may take a couple of minutes, depending on how many students your school has.

You may generate for as many times as needed. Previously generated versions will be overwritten and will not be accessible anymore.


Once the SOA Previews have been generated, click the 'View Details' link on the upper left portion of the screen. This will show a pop-up window containing a summary of the SOA Previews generated.

Viewing Generated SOA Preview Documents

The generated SOA Previews will be displayed on this screen in a list format with the following columns:

  • Name

  • Program

  • Units - This column will show the projected number of units a student is to enroll for the incoming term. This will be based on the Class Demand selected.

  • Amount - This column will show the projected amount a student will be paying for in the coming semester. This is based on the Class Demand selected, Tuition plans and Payment Schemes that have been set up.

  • Download - This will allow administrators to download and review the SOA Previews generated before sending them to the students.

Sending the Generated SOA Preview Documents to Students

1) To send the generated SOA Preview documents to students, ensure that the email notification settings have been properly configured to include a template and is enabled.

2) In the SOA Preview Manager, click the Send SOA button. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed notifying you that the SOA Previews are being sent to students included in the list generated.

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