Term Settings

Last updated: January 11, 2021 by BAS

In the School Settings page, click on "Term Settings" to trigger specific events.

Intent to Enroll

Toggle this setting to display or hide the banner in the student portals.

This toggle also, if enabled, allows admins to pre-set the intent to enroll status (Enrolling and Not Enrolling) of the following groups of students:

  • Currently Enrolled or Active Students

  • Not Enrolled or Inactive Students

  • Incoming Students (New and Transferees)

Students tagged as 'Enrolling' will be included in the Forecast for the following term.

Faculty Profile Update

Toggle this setting to allow or prevent faculty members from updating their teaching profile. This toggle also triggers the Intent to Teach banner.

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Mark Students as Graduates

This module will assist in identifying all students that have completed their required units.

1) To start, Click the Mark Students as Graduates button.

2) Wait for the popup to finish checking the list of students. Click on the Show list of students dropdown to view all eligible students.

You may opt to download the report containing the list of eligible students to be marked as graduates by clicking the Download Report button.

3) Once you've reviewed all students and their eligibility, click the Proceed button to automatically mark them as Graduates for the current term.

To validate if you've successfully marked them as graduates, proceed to the Students list and search for the names of the students. A "Graduated" tag should be displayed on the row of their name.

Update number of terms

This module will allow the school to set the number of terms in a school year

  1. Clicking on "Update Number of terms" Button will open a modal settings for user to customize the number of terms available

2. Once you have ticked the checkbox acknowledging that this may change the numbe rof terms for future school years, click on the "Update" Button

Start Next Term

This module sets the system's term calendar.

Click the Start Next Term button at the end of the enrollment period to update the widgets of students and the class lists of the faculty.

It is not recommended to click the Start Next Term button if faculty members have not yet finished encoding the grades from their portals.

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