Last updated:May 13, 2020 by CBT

Here you can create penalties that you can assign to students in their assessment.

Under the Finance Setup menu, click on β€œPenalties”. This will show the Penalties page.

Creating A New Penalty

1. On the upper right corner of the page, click on β€œNew Penalty” to open the new penalty form.

2. Fill out the necessary details, then click Add Penalty.

NOTE: It’s always best to have a descriptive label.

3. You will see that your penalty is now added in the list of penalties.

Editing A Penalty

1. Choose a penalty from the list of penalties and click on its pencil/edit icon.

2. A form similar to the create penalty form will appear. Update the details accordingly, then click β€œUpdate Penalty”.

3. Your penalty should now be updated.

Deleting A Penalty

1. Choose a penalty from the list of discounts and click on its trash/delete icon.

2. You will see a message asking if you are sure you want to delete this item. Click β€œDelete”.

3. Your penalty should now be removed from the list.

Searching A Penalty

1. On the search bar above, input a keyword or the full text of the penalty you want to search for, then press Enter on your keyboard.

2. The results should display on the list below.

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