Enrollment Status

Last updated: May 13, 2020 by CBT

View the list of students and their statuses in Student Status.

Search result for Students

1) Click on the “Enrollment Status" tab found under the Enrollment category. This will bring you the Students page.

2) On the upper left part, you will see a dropdown that will help you filter the list of students. Each status has a description and the number of students that are included in that status.

3) Choose one by clicking on it and it will show you a new list of students.

4) If you want to search for a specific student, you can use the search bar on the upper right corner of the page.

5) If there are students who are under “For Verification”, you will see a red number (which is the same number of students under “For Verification”) next to the “Student Status” tab in the menu on the left.

6) You can also verify enlistments in “For Verification” by clicking the “View Enlistment” button on the right of the student, where you can review the enlistment and verify it by clicking on “Verify”.

7) If you want to filter the results, you may also click on the "Filter" button and a modal will display for you to decide what to filter the data by

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