Getting Started

Last updated: April 12, 2021 by BAS

Welcome to Edusuite! Once you have successfully logged in, you now have access to awesome features (seen on the left side panel and in the middle of your screens) that will enhance your transactions with your school.

Edusuite is best accessed on a desktop computer with Google Chrome as your browser.


You are now on the dashboard! Your dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your student's enrollment status, balance summary and official school announcements.

All students linked to your account should be displayed in the Enrollment Status widget, Student Balance Widget and your left-menu links.

Enrollment Status Widget

This widget contains the enrollment progress of the student/s linked to your account. The grade level, strand and respective enrollment step will be displayed here.

Student Balance Widget

The Student Balance widget will display a summary of a student's overdue, next due, overpayment and due amount.

Todo List and Clearances

Clearance requirement assigned to each of the students assigned to your account will be displayed on the Todo List on the right side of the screen.

There are two types of clearances:

A. Regular Clearance - These will be displayed in your Todo List but will not prevent you from enrolling.

B. Hold Order - These will prevent you from enrolling your student for the incoming term.

Per task, you can see its Name, Title, brief description of the task and its due date.

Currently there are three statuses for the tasks:

  • Pending - The starting status of any task assigned to students. These tasks will have a hollow circle, meaning it has not been accomplished yet.

Click on the hollow circle or name of the task from the list if you believe that this item has been accomplished.

  • For Verification - These tasks will have a blue clock icon, meaning you've marked this as a requirement that the clearance reviewer (person or department who assign the task) needs to check.

  • Done - Tasks with a check mark in the circle and crossed out task details signifies that the clearance reviewer has already reviewed and marked the task as complete.

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