Enrollment Schedule

Allow groups of students to enroll with Enrollment Schedule by block section, by program, and/or by student status.

Add Students

1) Click on the โ€œEnrollment Setupโ€ tab found under the Enrollment category. This will bring you the Enrollment Setup page. Click "Enrollment Schedule" on the menu.

2) On the upper right corner of the page, click on the โ€œAdd Studentsโ€ button.

3) A window will appear showing you the different student group categories - block sections, programs, and student status. You may select any number of student groups by clicking on each of the categories then clicking your chosen groups.

4) Once you are done selecting your groups, click โ€œAllow Enrollmentโ€.

5) You will see that the groups you selected are now listed under their categorized on the list. These groups may now start enlisting their classes.

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