Links Manager

Last updated: May 14, 2020 by CBT

  1. To manage the links that are displayed on the landing page, click on the โ€œLinks Managerโ€ section under the Dashboard menu.

Adding A New Link

1. Click โ€œNew Linkโ€ on the upper right corner of the page.

2. You will be shown the โ€œAdd a new linkโ€ form. Fill up the necessary details. You can choose the user groups that will be able to view these links by choosing from the User Group dropdown. Choosing "Public" as your group will allow everyone to see your link.

3. Click โ€œAdd Linkโ€ to create the link.

Editing A Link

1. You can edit dashboard link details by clicking on its pencil/edit icon, which will bring you to the Update link info form.

2. Update the details accordingly, then click โ€œUpdate Linkโ€.

Deleting A Link

1. To delete a link, click on its trash/delete icon on the far right of the row.

2. Confirm this action by clicking โ€œDelete Linkโ€ on the message that appears.

Go To Link

1. If you want to visit the page of your links, just choose a link and click on its name.

2. This will open the page on a new tab of your browser.

Ordering of Links

1. If you want to rearrange the links, click on the three horizontal bars and drag. Arrange the links by the order of how you want them to appear on the landing page.

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