Preview SOA Instructions

Last updated: July 4, 2021 by BAS

This setting allows you to customize the reminders and any payment instructions found in the SOA Preview sent to the students.

The SOA Preview document gives the student a sneak peak of how much they might need to pay for the upcoming term's enrollment.

To get to this screen, click on the Finance Setup menu found under the Finance menu group. The Preview SOA Instructions tab can be found here.

Setting up the SOA Preview Instructions

1) Set the SOA Preview Instructions content as needed. Formatting tools such as bold, underline and bulleted lists have been made available for further emphasis on some parts of the instructions or reminders.

2) In order to preview how this would look on the side of the students, make sure to click the Save Changes button and then click the Preview button.

3) Clicking the Preview button will prompt the system download a pdf copy of what is to be generated and send to the students.

It is recommended that the SOA Preview Instructions is set up before generating the SOA Preview files in the SOA Preview manager.

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