Block Enrollment Settings

Last updated: July 14, 2021 by BAS

The Block Enrollment Settings will allow you to view which block sections are included in the upcoming term's enrollment offering and modify student access to the blocks.

To get to the Block Enrollment Settings screen, go to Enrollment Setup under the main Enrollment group and click Block Enrollment Settings.

Only block sections included in the enrollment term will be displayed in this list. Should you find missing block sections, make sure to refresh the schedule plan and class demand as needed.

Block Enrollment

The first toggle on the right portion of the screen refers to a regular student's capability to enlist in all the classes of a block at the same time. You can toggle this on and off at any time.

When this setting is on, the student will have access to this option from their portal:

Free Student Enlistment

The right-most toggle refers to a student's capability to take up or enlist in individual slots in each of the block's subjects or classes.

Toggle this setting to ON if you would like to allow all students, especially irregular students to enlist or take up slots in a block section's classes.

Example, a student may enlist in only one or two subjects out of the 5 subjects in that block section.

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