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Links Manager

Last updated: April 29, 2020 by CBT
Purpose: To setup links on the school system's landing page (login). These links can redirect to external sites used by the school. For example, the school's website or Facebook page
Prerequisite/dependencies: None
Go to Utilities > Links Manager.
1) Click + New.
2) Update the necessary details:
  • Name - what to call the link
  • URL - what address the link should redirect to
  • Order - what sequence the link should appear to
  • (upload image) - what image to show the link; the image file should be in PNG format and file is sized under 10MB
3) Once done, don't forget to click Add link.
Click the pen button of the link and modify the contents as needed
Click the red Trash can button to delete the link
Click the search bar on the right side and type the keyword to search
Click the sort button on the right side
By Name - alphabetical A-Z or Z-A
By Order - ascending or descending

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