Teaching Settings

Last updated: April 29, 2020 by BAS

In this module, you can configure your teaching profile which consists of the following:

  1. Preferred Teaching Load

  2. Teaching Availability

  3. Courses Faculty Can Teach

You will be notified when editing is allowed for each of the available configurations via email.

While you are only able to edit when the settings are enabled, your school's dean, program head or assigned system super admin may edit these configurations at any time.

Preferred Teaching Load

In this section of the Teaching Profile, you can set the maximum number of units to be allocated to you for each semester.

Teaching Availability

Set the availability type for each day of the week: Unavailable, Available All Day or Defined Time. The schedule you indicate here will be the basis of Edusuite's auto-scheduling module.

Only indicate 'teaching hours' and not administrative/preparation times when setting the Availability schedule.

Courses Faculty Can Teach

In the last portion of the Teaching Settings, faculty members will need to indicate the subjects/courses they are capable of teaching.

First step is to click on the 'Edit Courses' button.

A pop-up window will appear where you can search and filter courses by using the search bar on top or browse manually using the scroll bar. Tick the checkboxes of the courses that the faculty can teach, then click "Close" once you are done.

Some subjects may appear multiple times in the list because there may have been changes in its course or subject code. You may coordinate with your dean or program head for the recommended courses to be selected.

Finally, set the level of proficiency for each subject that was added as 'courses/subjects a faculty can teach'.

Once you are done with all the changes, click the "Save Settings" button to update your teaching profile.

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