Student Number Generator

Last updated: February 1, 2021 by BAS

The student number generator allows users to define their school-specific student number format and assign them to new or incoming students.

If you are unable to view the Student Number Generator setting, ensure that you have enabled the edit access for this screen from the Privs Manager. (Users > User Setup > User Groups) You will need to log out and then log back in after updating your system privileges.

Enabling and Disabling the Student Number Generator

1) Click the available ON/OFF toggle. A confirmation notification should appear with every setting update.

Formatting Student Numbers

Legends are available to serve as guides in setting up your school's Student Number. Only one format is currently allowed to be used for all school years/terms.

Making use of the 2-digit YY or EE variables will return the last two digits of the year. (ie for SY 2019 - 2020, YYEE will return an output of 1920)

Setting the Starting Sequence per School Year

1) Select a school year from the School Year dropdown.

2) Double click on the Starting Sequence field to input your school's starting sequence for the selected school year.

3) You can click elsewhere on the screen for the sequence settings to be saved.

How to Generate and Issue automated Student Numbers

Generating a student number is different from issuing a student number. Users must successfully save the student's information with the system-generated student numbers to lock-in the assigned ID number.

If generated student numbers are not saved or locked in to a student, the system will continue to generate the next available number.

From the Student List

1) Navigate to the Student List (Users Menu Group > Student) and click the +New Student

2) Fill out the information of the student being added to the system. All fields are required.

Make sure that the student's Starting Term is setup correctly. The next numbers (for YYYY, EEEE and sequence numbers) to be issued will be based on this information.

3) In the Student Number field click on the blue generate button. A confirmation popup will appear. Click Proceed to generate the next available student number.

4) Click the Add Student button to lock in and save the student's information with their system-generated ID Number.

From the Registrations List

Navigate to the Pending Registrations list or For Payment and Verification list under the Student Registrations menu.

Pending Registrations

1) Select a student from the list and click the Show Details button.

2) Once the applicant's submitted form has been reviewed and deemed acceptable to the school for admissions, click the Accept button on the upper right portion of the screen.

3) On the Student Number field, click the blue generate button to issue the next available ID number. A confirmation popup will appear. Click Proceed to generate the next available student number.

4) Fill out the remaining required fields for the student's information.

5) Click the Accept button.

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