View Academic Score Sheet

Last updated: April 12, 2021 by BAS

To start, click on the Academic Score Sheet tab under the Manage Classes menu group. This will take you to the list of classes assigned to you for the school year.

Contact your school's system administrator if you do not see any score sheets assigned to you.

Selecting a Score Sheet

1) To view the class list and grading sheet of a certain class, click on Academic Score Sheet.

By default, your classes are grouped by Subject and can be changed to be grouped by section by selecting 'Section' from the 'Grouped by' dropdown.

2. You will be directed to the Grading sheet of your chosen class.

Contact your school's system administrator if there are missing students from your class lists.

Anatomy of a Score Sheet

The top portion of the score sheets will contain the following details and buttons:

Below each score sheet's details will be the class list, Assessment tools columns and the Final and Transmuted Grades columns.

How the Class Lists are sorted or grouped will be based on your school's system administrator's settings.

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