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Notification Templates

Last updated: October 21, 2020 by JTG, BAS
Purpose: To manage the available notification templates
Prerequisite/Dependencies: None
Output: Customized format per type of notification
Go to Settings > Notification Templates
Here are some of Edusuite’s features where notifications can be sent to users:
  • Payment Record (for students) - for a recorded payment. Read also: Recording a Payment
  • Payment Cancellation (for students) - for a cancelled payment. Read also: Cancelling a Payment
  • Promissory Note (for students) - for a recorded promissory note. Read also: Promissory Note

Editing an SMS Notice or Email Notice

1) Click Edit SMS Notice or Edit Email Notice of the notification to edit.
2) Modify the template and email subject as needed. Inside the editor, there are available variables on the right side that can be used in customizing the template. Format can be in HTML as well.
3) Once done, don't forget to click Ok.

Enabling/Disabling an SMS Notice or Email Notice

Email notice is free and ready when enabled.
SMS notice incurs minimal cost per send per user and requires external setup prior for enabling in Edusuite (if interested, please reach out to our Support Team).
Sample computation: (P0.70 sample unit price of SMS) multiplied by 532 students = P372.4‬0
Click the tick box of the notification to enable/disable