User Groups

Last updated: September 21, 2020 by CBT, BAS

To limit system accesses within types of users, use the User Groups function by clicking on "User Groups" under the User Setup menu.

Adding A New User Group

1. To determine what actions a type of user can do in Edusuite, you need to manage your user groups. Click on "User Groups" under the User Setup menu.

2. This will show the User Groups page. Click on β€œNew Group” found on the upper right corner of the page.

3. Input the group name and the profile type then click the Add User Group button.

There are 3 Profile Types when creating user groups Student, Teacher and Others. Make sure you assign the correct profile type for each user group. Refer to the sample table below for further reference.

Profile Types make the necessary backend adjustments for each of the user groups added.

User Group

Profile Type









Academic Coordinator




Editing A User Group

1. On the User Groups page, if you want to change details and accesses of a user group, click on the group’s pencil/edit icon.

2. Edit accordingly, then click on the β€œSave” button.

Assigning Privileges to User Groups

Once groups have been created, you can now proceed to apply privileges to user groups. Simply click on the checkboxes to allow a user group to View or Edit a certain screen.

Giving users Edit privileges will give them access or permission to edit all the settings that are present in that particular screen.

The Accesses column is patterned to how our menus are laid out for ease of reference.

The User Groups row can be rearranged by dragging the header left to right. You may also scroll to the far right to view you other user groups.

Users should log out and log back in for any of the changes to be reflected in their accounts.

Deleting A User Group

1. On the User Groups page, to delete a user group, click on that group’s trash/delete icon.

2. Confirm this action by clicking β€œDelete Group” on the warning message that appears.

Searching A User Group

1. On the User Groups page, if you want to look for a user group, enter a keyword on the search bar above.

2. Your results should show on the groups list below.

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