Implementation Guide

Last updated: February 1, 2021 by BAS

Welcome to Edusuite's Implementation User Guide! This user guide provides step-by-step instruction in setting up the system. Each function may be viewed and edited depending on the privileges/access granted to a user. For other concerns, which may not be covered in this user guide, contact Edusuite's Support Team.

Edusuite is best accessed on a desktop computer with Google Chrome as your browser.

If your school is a new Edusuite partner, you can refer below for the order of items to set up first. You may also download the pdf version of the checklist here.

Parts 1 and 2 must be done in the order as indicated.

Part 1: For the System Administrator

Part 2: For the Registrar and Academics Team

Part 3: For the Finance Team

You can already start working on Part 3 once courses from Part 2 has been accomplished.

Part 4: Data Migration and Management

Part 5: Planning For Enrollment

Part 6: Opening Enrollment for the next term

To prevent students with payables or pending requirements from various offices of the school from enlisting, setup Clearances first before Part 6.

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