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Manage your students’ details and records with this module, where you can oversee their profile, clearances, and curriculum.

Click on the “Students” tab found under the Users menu. This will bring you the Students page, where you will see the list of your school’s students.

There are two types of students and nine different statuses.




Students that are currently enrolled


Students that are not enrolled

Adding A New Student

1. Click the “New Student” button on the upper right corner of the page to open the “Register a new student” form.

2. Fill out the necessary details on the form and upload your student’s picture, then click “Add Student”.

Adding Students By bulk

1. Click the “Import from File” icon found on the left of the “New Student” button.

2. You will be asked to choose or drag a CSV file with the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Student Number, Program Code.

3. Click “Import File” to finalize.

Editing A Student

1. If you want to change a student’s details, hover over the three vertical dots and click "Update info" on the menu of options that will appear.

2. The “Update student info” form will appear, where you can change details accordingly. Click “Save Changes” to update the information.

Viewing and Updating A Student’s Records

  1. Choose a student and click on his/her “View Records” button. You will be redirected to a window where you can view and manage the student’s profile, clearances, and curriculum.

Student Profile

1. Click on the first tab “Student Profile”, which will show different information of the student.

2. To edit a category, click the “Edit” button, which will turn the information into editable fields.

3. Edit the fields accordingly, then click “Save Changes” to update the information.


1. Click on the second tab “Clearances”, where it will show the student’s active, overdue, and completed clearances, if any.

2. You can mark the clearance as done by clicking on a selected clearance item’s “Mark As Done” button.

3. If you mark a clearance as done, you will see it is now transferred to the Completed Clearances section.


1. To view a student’s curriculum, you can click on the third tab “Grades”.

The default view for the Curriculum is Prospectus View.

2. Here, you can update a student’s grade by clicking the edit icon of your chosen course.

3. You will see a form that asks you to change the grade via the dropdown. Once you are done selecting, click the “Update Grades” button.

TOR View and Term Averages

  1. Click on the 'TOR View' link on the upper left portion of the screen, below the 'Prospectus View' heading. This will reload the page to show you the TOR View.

Only numeric grades and courses marked as 'Include in TOR' are included when computing for the Term Average.

Searching A Student

  1. To search for a student, enter a keyword, the student name, program, or the student number, then press Enter.

  2. Your results will show on the list below.

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