Grading Settings

Grading Scheme

Set your school's grading periods and the kinds of grading systems the faculty members can use to grade the students.

Toggling on/off the grading schemes determines the access or ability of the faculty members to encode the grades.

You may add or remove grading schemes as needed by clicking on the 'Edit Grading Scheme' button. You may also opt to set which grading schemes all faculty members will use when grading their students.

  • Use courses grading system - Faculty members will make use of the grading system assigned to the course they handle. This can be set under Planning Setup.

  • Grading Systems - Faculty members will only make use of the selected grading scheme for all subjects.

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Grading for No Exam Permits

By default, faculty members are not allowed to encode grades for students who have not paid the required amount. This toggle overrides that rule by allowing all faculty members to encode grades for students regardless of their Exam Permit Status.

Send Grades

Go paperless by sending electronic grade reports to the students. Click the Send Grades to Students button and select which Grading Scheme or Period you would like to send.

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