Schedule Types

Last updated: August 1, 2020 by CBT, BAS

Schedule types refer to the different scheduling scenarios that your school has (e.g. “3 hours in a lecture room”).

Schedule Types

Click on the “Planning Setup” tab. On the Planning Setup menu, click on the “Schedule types” tab. This will show the Schedule types page.

Creating a New Schedule Type

1. To create a new schedule type, click the “New Schedule Type” button on the upper right part of the page. This will give you a “New schedule type” form.

2. Fill up the necessary details. You should provide a label and meetings. Meetings require the type of room that is needed and how many hours at a time a class will occur in that room. Do not leave any fields blank and do not use a label that is already being used.

Editing a Schedule Type

1. To edit a schedule type, choose a schedule type to edit and click on its edit/pencil icon. This will show an “Edit schedule type” form.

2. You can only change the label of a schedule type, but remember that you cannot have the same label as an existing schedule type.

Deleting a Schedule Type

1. To delete a schedule type, choose a schedule type to delete and click on its delete/trash icon.

2. An alert message will show asking if you are sure you want to delete the item. Click “Delete” to finalize the deletion. Your chosen item has now disappeared from the list.

Viewing Meetings / Adding a Possible Time Slot

1. Choose a schedule type and click its “View Meetings” button, where you will see the schedule type’s meetings and their possible time slots.

2. To add a possible time slot, click on the “Add Possible Time Slot” button to which meeting you want to add to. This will show you a “New possible schedule” form.

You can also add possible time slots by importing them via the upload button found on the upper right portion of the screen.

3. Fill in the start time and end time, as well as the day/s of the week this will occur in.

5. If you wish to remove a possible schedule, choose the schedule you want to remove and click its “x” button on the end of its row.

6. This will trigger a popup to display. If you wish to permanently delete the selected schedule row, then click "Ok", otherwise click on "Cancel" to close modal

Searching a Schedule Type

1. To search for a schedule type, type in a keyword or the exact text on the search bar above.

2. Press enter on your keyboard to search. A list of searches that match your description should show below.

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