Subject Areas

Last updated: April 30, 2020 by CLG

Purpose: To setup the Subject Heads who will oversee certain subjects, which they do not teach (to oversee)

Prerequisite/dependencies: Faculty assigned with Subject Head User Role to appear from the selection list ; Grade Level > Curriculum

Output: Subject Head to view the subjects they teach including the subjects assigned to them in this section

Go to Planning > School Year Setup > Subject Groups.

Creating a New Subject Group

1) Click on the drop-down below Subject Group and choose which school year to manage.

2) Click + New.

3) Fill out the necessary details:

  • Name - what to call the subject group

  • Subject Head/s - who should be assigned for this group?; can be multiple

  • Subject/s - what subject does this group covers?; can be multiple

4) Once done, don't forget to click the Add group.

Editing a Subject Group

Deleting a Subject Group

Searching a Subject Group

Sorting a Subject Group

By Name - alphabetical A-Z or Z-A

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