Ticket Requests

Last updated: July 6, 2020 by ASL

With the Ticket Requests, you can file issues and/or requests, and assign students/faculty involved, as well as assessors for the issue. Update and be updated with the issues by commenting in and reading their respective threads.

Go to Menu > Ticket Requests

Managing a Ticket Type

Creating a New Ticket Type

1) Click the gear button on the right side.

2) Click + New Ticket Type.

3) Fill out the necessary details:

  • Label - what to call the ticket type

  • Description - more details about the ticket type

  • Attachment(optional) - Attach files to show evidence

  • Visible To:( Select User Groups) - Select which User groups will this ticket be visible to

  • Concern Handlers - who should manage this ticket type?

    • User Groups

    • Specific Users

4) Once done, don't forget to click Add Ticket Type.

Editing a Ticket Type

Deleting a Ticket Type

Going back to the Ticket Request Main Page

Managing a Ticket

Creating a New Ticket

1) Click + New Ticket.

2) Fill out the necessary details:

  • Nature of concern - This will match the ticket to concerned handlers

  • Ticket Title - Brief Title of Ticket

  • Ticket Description - In Depth Narrative of the Cause of the ticket

  • Attach File - include an attachment to add more details about the ticket

3) Once done, don't forget to click Save Changes.

4) Ticket Requests can be filtered based on when the ticket has been filled

5) A ticket will have an EVALUATOR tag if the person logged in is assigned as Concern Handler of the ticket type assigned to the ticket.

Viewing the Thread of a Ticket

1) Click View Thread of the ticket to check.

2) The persons involved and concern handlers can exchange messages concerning the ticket. It also allows attachment.

Changing the Status of a Ticket

Editing a Ticket

Deleting a Ticket

Filtering the Tickets

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