Getting Started

Last updated: October 18, 2020 by BAS

Welcome to Edusuite! Once you have successfully logged in, you now have access to awesome features (seen on the left side panel) that will make your school experience so much easier.


You are now on the dashboard! Your dashboard gives you an overview of your on-going classes and pending clearance items or tasks in the form of "widgets".

You can view the previous, current and next term widgets by selecting the term below the 'Home' header on the upper middle portion of your dashboard.

Classes Widget

The classes widget will contain your enrolled subjects and corresponding schedule for the selected* term.

Finance Widget

Below the classes widget you can see your balance widget, which determines your next due amount for the current and its date due as well as any overdue balance you will need to pay.

Online Payment

If your school has partnered with Dragonpay, you can pay your tuition online with Edusuite's Dragonpay integration.

1) Click the Pay Online button in the finance widget.

2) A pop-up will appear containing additional payment options for you to choose from. The first of which is to select which term you are making a payment for.

3) Select from the payment options available: Dragonpay or Credit Card.

Availability of Payment Options depends on a per-school basis.

4) Leave blank or update the amount to be paid.

The amount field, by default, shows your next amount due based on the term selected.

5) Click Pay Now. You will be redirected to the payment gateway websites.

Academic Standing Widget

Last of the widgets, the Academic Standing, is where you can monitor how far along are you in terms of completing your course or program. A breakdown or summary of units passed, remaining and currently taking can be seen here.

Todo List and Clearances

Your Tasks, found on the right portion of your dashboard, is the list of things you need to accomplish before enlistment.

This list acts as 1/2 of your 'ticket' or clearance in order to enlist for the coming term.

Per task, you can see its Name or Title, brief description of the task and its due date.

Currently there are three statuses for the tasks:

  • Pending - The starting status of any task assigned to you. These tasks will have a hollow circle, meaning it has not been accomplished yet.

Click on the hollow circle or name of the task from the list if you believe that this item has already been accomplished. Doing this only notifies the clearance reviewer that you are done with the task and not marking it as officially 'done'.

  • For Verification - These tasks will have a blue clock icon, meaning you've marked this as a requirement that the clearance reviewer (person or department who assigned you the task) needs to check.

  • Done - Tasks with a check mark in the circle and crossed out task details signifies that the clearance reviewer has already reviewed and marked your task as complete.

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