View Student Records

Last updated: May 8, 2020 by JTG

Purpose: View/ Edit Student records

Prerequisite/Dependencies: Existing student account/profile

Output: Updated student records, View student records

1.Go to Users > Student

2. View specific Student Records by clicking View records

View Records contain all the student information such as student’s profile, student’s Clearance requirements list, grades, payment history, and deliberation notes.

Edit Student Profile

1.Go to Users > Student > Profile

2. Click Edit icon at the upper right part of the field group

3. Supply student information as needed

4. Click the Save button to update fields

A notification message will prompt that you have successfully updated the fields.

View Clearance

1.Go to Users > Student > Clearance

2. Click Clearance to view Student Clearance requirements list and status

View Grades

1.Go to Users > Student > Grades

2. Click Grades to view Academic and Non-Academic student grades

View Payments

1.Go to Users > Student > Payments

2. Click Payments to view student’s payment history


1.Go to Users > Student > Deliberation

2. Click Deliberation to view student’s deliberation notes

You can add notes/ attach items for student deliberation notes which can be viewed by other users.

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