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Manage your teachers’ profiles and details with this feature! Here, you can evaluate teachers, update their teaching profiles, and more.

  1. Click on the “Faculties” tab found under the Users menu. This will bring you the Faculties page, where you will see the list of your school’s teachers.

Adding A New Faculty

1. Click the “New Faculty” button on the upper right corner of the page to open the “Add a new faculty” form.

2. Fill out the necessary details on the form. You can choose if the teacher works part time or full time and if they are active or inactive. Afterwards, click “Add Faculty”.

Editing A Faculty

1. If you want to change a teacher’s details, click on their edit icon located at the end of their row.

2. The “Update Faculty” form will appear, where you can change details accordingly. Click “Update Faculty” to save your changes.

Viewing and Updating Teaching Profile

  1. To view a teacher’s teaching profile, find your teacher on the faculty list and click on his/her “Teaching Profile” button. This profile will determine your teacher’s schedule and subjects to teach.

Preferred Teaching Load

  1. On this part of the Teaching Profile, you can set how much the preferred units is for a teacher every semester by inputting the number in the text box labeled “Units”. (This is usually based on the faculty type of the teacher - part time or full time or whatever your school’s policy is on the matter.)

Days Available To Teach

  1. The availability of a faculty is set on this part. You can choose whether the faculty is not available, available all day, or available at a certain time on each day of the week.

Courses Faculty Can Teach

1. At this part, you can set a teacher’s teachable courses and course proficiency by clicking on the “Edit Courses” button on the upper right part of the section.

2. You will be shown the list of courses, where you can filter courses by using the search bar on top or browse manually using the scroll bar. Tick the checkboxes of the courses that the faculty can teach, then click “Close” when you are done.

3. The selected courses will appear in a list below, where they will each have their own proficiency dropdown. Select the appropriate levels for each course.

Once you are done with all your changes, click “Save Settings” to update the teacher profile.

Viewing and Updating A Teaching Rating

1. You can view and evaluate a teacher by clicking on a teacher’s “Teaching Rating” button.

2. You will be shown a list of courses that the teacher labels as his/her teachable courses. Each of the course has a text box that asks for a performance rating. Input in those text boxes your chosen rating for that subject.

3. Once you are done, click “Update”.

Searching A Faculty

1. To search for a faculty, input a keyword, the name of the faculty, the employment type, or the status on the search bar above, then press Enter on your keyboard.

2. Your results will be shown on the list below.

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