OR Formatting

Last updated: January 11, 2021 by BAS

This module will allow you to define the coordinates or placement of variables to be displayed in your official receipts.

To access, go to Finance Setup under the FINANCE menu group and click OR Formatting.

Receipt Format column details:

  • Field - This are the variables to be used

  • X Position - Where the variables will be displayed horizontally.

  • Y Position - Where the variables will be displayed vertically.

  • Font Size - Size of the text

  • Enabled - Determines if the variable will be utilized/displayed on the receipt or not.

1) To update the formatting/positioning of variables, simply click on the X/Y Position column fields and input the new positioning values/coordinates.

2) Check/Uncheck variables which will and will not be utilized.

To preview your format, click Save Changes and then click the Preview button. This will download a PDF sample of your receipt.

3) Click the Save Changes button once you are done.

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