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1) To manage the users of Edusuite, click on the “Users” section under User Setup.

Adding A New User

1. On the Users page, click the “New User” on the upper right corner of the page.

2. Input the necessary fields. You may add more than one user group for a user. Click “Add User” once finished.

3. You may also opt to add users by bulk by clicking the “Import from file” icon on the left of the “New User” page.

4. You must have a CSV file with the fields First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role. Choose a file or drag it on the space provided, then click “Import File”.

5. Wait for the upload to finish, then you will see your imported users are now visible in the Users list.

Editing A User

1. To edit a user, choose a user from the list and click on its pencil/ edit icon.

2. You may edit the fields accordingly from here, then click “Update User” when you are done.

Deactivating A User

Deactivating a user does not delete their records in Edusuite. This only prevents users from logging in.

1. Deactivate a user by clicking on its cancel icon on the far right of its row.

2. Confirm by clicking “Deactivate User”.

Reactivating A User

1. Reactivate a deactivated user's account by clicking on its activate icon on the far right of its row.

A deactivated user is identified by the 'DEACTIVATED' tag below the user's name.

2. Confirm by clicking "Reactivate User".

Resetting A User’s Password

1. To reset a user’s password, you can click on the user’s “Reset Password” button.

2. To confirm this action, click “Reset Password”.

3. The user will then receive an email with a link to change his/her password.

Make sure that the notification template for Reset Password is toggled on before trying resetting a user's password.

Searching A User

1. On the search bar above, enter a keyword of what you are looking for, then press Enter on your keyboard

2. Your results will be displayed on the list below.

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