School Supplies

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Purpose: To setup what school supplies are offered by the school

Prerequisite/dependencies: Units, Tracks/Strands, Grade Levels and Subjects

Output: Supplies that can be assigned to student during enlistment and payment

Go to Planning > Finance Setup > School Supplies

Creating a New School Supply

1) Click +New.

2) Fill out the necessary details:

  • Type - Type of school supply. (Currently books are the only school type enabled)

  • Title - Title of the Book

  • Author - Author of the Book

  • Additional Details - more details about the book

  • Price - how much will the Supply cost?

  • Grade Level - which level should this Supply be applicable? The supply will only show on the selected levels during Enrollment.

  • Subject Groups

  • Subjects - Only add subjects when books should only apply to students who will be taking 'special classes'

If a book should be applied or viewable to all students for the selected year level, you do not need to fill out the subjects field.

If your school offers "Advanced" and "Regular" classes, it is recommended to fill out the subjects field and input the "advanced" subject where the book will be used.

3) Once done, don't forget to click Add New School Supply.

Editing a School Supply

Deleting a School Supply

Searching a School Supply

Sorting School Supplies

By Name - alphabetical A-Z or Z-A

By Description - alphabetical A-Z or Z-A

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