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The Enlistments feature allows you to enlist classes for students, view a students assessment, and verify an enlistment. With our auto-scheduling, you can sit back and relax while Edusuite enlists your student’s subjects by matching their curriculum progress, the opened classes for the next term, and the maximum number of units allowed.

1) Click on the “Enlistments” tab found under the Enrollment category. This will bring you the Enlistments page.

2) You will see a prompt reminding you that whenever there are changes, you will have to recompute the students assessment for changes to save. Click “Ok, Got It.” to proceed.

3) Select a student by typing in a student’s name / ID number on the “Search student” bar and press the Enter key. You may use the dropdown that appears when you click the search bar to browse for a student, then click on him/her.

NOTE: To proceed with enlisting classes, make sure that the selected student is included in the Allowed Enrollees in Enrollment Setup.

Enlisting Classes with the Auto-scheduler

1) You may opt to auto-schedule the student’s subject by clicking on the wand/auto-enlist icon on the upper right part of the screen.

2) Wait for it to finish loading and it will automatically show the auto-enlisted subjects on the timetable on the left and the list of subjects with its details on the right of the screen.

Enlisting Classes Manually

1) You can also manually add subjects by clicking on the “Add A Class” button which will show a small menu that asks for a course and a schedule.

2) Choose a course and its schedule accordingly using their respective dropdowns, then click “Enlist Class” to proceed.

3) Your class will now be plotted on the timetable and will be included on the list of enlisted classes.

4) If you have reached the maximum units allowed, you will be given a message telling you so and your chosen subject will not be enlisted.

5) Enlisting a class that does not match with the program of the student will display this alert message

Removing A Class

1) To remove a class, choose a class from the list of enlisted classes and hover on it.

2) You will see a trash/remove icon that will appear on the upper right of the chosen class. Click on it.

3) On the message that appears, click “Cancel Enlistment” to confirm.

NOTE: When you cancel an enlistment, there is no guarantee that you will be able to enlist on the same section again.

4) The section is now removed from the timetable and the list of enlisted classes.

Verifying an Enlistment

1) On the upper right part of the page in between the “Search student” search bar and the auto-enlist icon, click on the “Verify” button.

2) A window will appear where you may write comments on your verification.

3) When you are done, click “Verify Enlistment”.

4) The selected student’s enlistment is now verified, which allows him/her to pay his/her amount due to the cashier.

Downloading Assessment

1) If you can also manually download your assessment, simply click on the download button as shown below.

Viewing A Student’s Assessment and Proceeding with Enrollment

1) After enlisting classes for a student, you can proceed with their enrollment by clicking on “View Assessment” on the upper right corner.

2) On the window that appears, choose a payment option for the student by clicking on the dropdown and choosing an option.

3) You will be able to see the breakdown of payments in this window by clicking on the downward arrows on the left of each category title.

4) Click Proceed to let the student proceed with enrollment.

5) Click “OK” on the message that appears.

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