Tuition Plan

Last updated: July 13, 2020 by ASL, BAS

Purpose: To setup all tuition plans offered by the school

Prerequisite/dependencies: Ledger Codes

Output: Tuition Plans that are automatically assigned to student (based on their year level)

Go to Planning > Finance Setup > Tuition Plans. Ensure to select the correct School Year.

Creating a New Tuition Plan

1) Click +New to create a new plan, and name it as necessary. Click Add Tuition Plan to save.

2) Click View Payment Plan to view/modify the plan's setup.

3) Select the grade/year level where the plan is applicable. Once a level is saved to a plan, it cannot be selected/saved for another plan. This will also automatically assign the plan to students.

Adding Fees inside the Tuition Plan

Fees can be grouped depending on the need. This is especially useful on fees in which the breakdowns should be shown (e.g. miscellaneous).

Creating a Payment Group

  • Click +Add Payment Group

  • Name - what to call the group

  • Type - how to categorize the group's type of fee (Tuition, Miscellaneous, Laboratory, and Others)

Creating specific Fees inside the Payment Group

  • Click +Add New Fee

  • Label - what to call the fee

  • GL Account - determines the corresponding GL Account (Ledger Code) the fee falls under

  • Applies to - when to apply the fee. Set the rules (can be multiple) for the fee by clicking the pen button. See available Rules on the table below.






Applicable to all kinds of students


Filipino or Foreign

Apply fee based on the student's nationality

Student Status

New or Old or Returnee

Apply fee based on the student's current status

  • Amount - how much the fee is

  • Editable (checkbox) - can a user (with necessary privilege) edit this fee as applicable?

  • Non-refundable (checkbox)

  • Exclude from installment computation (checkbox) - should the fee be paid in full and not be broken down together with other fees (depending on the payment scheme selected for the student)?

  • Unaffected by adjustments (checkbox) - should the fee be paid in full and not be altered by any discount applied for the student?

  • Once done, don't forget to click Save on the upper right side of the page.

Deleting Fees inside the Payment Group

Deleting a Payment Group

  1. A Tuition Plan can include several Payment Groups.

  2. Arrangement of Payment Groups

    -based on creation date/time before clicking Save

    -If adding new group on an existing Tuition Plan, the newly added group will be 1st on the arrangement.

  3. A Payment Group can include several fees.

  4. Total Amount of fees assigned for Filipino and Foreign are shown on the top left of the page below the Tuition Plan name.

Going back to the Tuition Plan Main Page

Renaming a Tuition Plan

Editing a Tuition Plan

Please refer to the steps in Creating a New Tuition Plan on how and what can be modified inside a tuition plan.

Deleting a Tuition Plan

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