SOA Manager

Last updated: October 18, 2020 by CBT, BAS

View and generate your students' Statement of Accounts. Users can download all statements generated or individually.

Generate Statement of Accounts

1) Click on the β€œSOA Manager” tab found under the Finance category. This will bring you to the SOA Manager page where you can generate several Statement of Accounts.

2) Choose a term and a payment scheme where you want to generate a SOA.

4) Click the refresh icon to generate the SOA on your chosen term.

5) Choose whether to generate the SOA of only Officially Enrolled students or all students with assessments. Click Generate.

Officially Enrolled students are tagged by marking them when recording payments.

Students with Active Assessment includes both enrolled and enlisted students.

Make sure that all students have selected a payment scheme. The SOA Manager will not be able to proceed with generating the statements if at least one student does not have a selected payment scheme.

Wait for the SOA to generate.

6). Once generated, a pop-up will appear. Click "OK" on the success validation.

5. You should be able to view all SOAs from the chosen term and payment scheme.

Download Statement of Accounts

1) To download a SOA for a particular student, choose the student and click the Download button found at the rightmost side.

2) To download the SOA of all students for that term and payment scheme, click the Download button found beside the search bar.

Send Statement of Accounts

1) Click the Send SOA button to send the SOA of each student.

2) A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Proceed.

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