Ledger Codes

Last updated: July 13, 2020 by BAS

Ledger Code is assigned to different debit or credit entries to make accounting easier and more functional. By assigning numerals to different types of payables or receivables, it quickly sorts the information and prepares reports needed.

Creating a New Ledger Code

1) Click +New.

2) Fill out the necessary details:

  • Code - should be in format of 000-000-000

  • Account Name - what to call the code

3) Once done, don't forget to click Add Ledger Code.

Editing a Ledger Code

1) Click the edit button

2) Input the necessary changes to the existing Ledger Code

3) Click the Edit Ledger Code button

Deleting a Ledger Code

1) Click on the delete button

2) Confirm that you will be deleting the selected Ledger Code by clicking 'Yes' in the Warning that pops up.

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