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With our Clearance module, you can create clearances and assign them to groups of users, where they will be informed and reminded to complete them.

Click on the “Clearance” tab found under Menu. This will bring you the Clearance page, where you will see the list of created clearances.

Various filters are available at the top portion of the screen:

  • Term - Filter clearances based on their term assignments

  • Type - Choose to view only Hold Order clearances or regular clearances, or both types in the list.

  • Completion - Easily monitor progress of overdue, completed and incomplete clearances.

Creating A New Requirement

1. Click the “New Requirement” button on the upper right corner of the screen to show the “New requirement” form.

2. Enter the necessary details. Click “Add Clearance” when you are finished.

  • Name - Title or name of the clearance / requirement

  • Details

  • Term Applicable - Default term when the requirement was created.

  • Due Date

  • Reviewers - Users which will be allowed to update assignees and verify requirements. Users added here will receive notifications when the students mark their requirements as 'for verification'

  • Hold Order Status

    • Student cannot enlist next term until this is cleared.

    • Student cannot view their grades until this is cleared.

For requirements that do not fall under the Hold Order status, you may leave the checkboxes blank. This will still notify students of the requirement but will not apply any restrictions.

Editing A Requirement

1. To edit a clearance item, you can click on the pencil/edit icon of the chosen clearance, where you will be shown the “Edit requirement” form.

2. Update the details accordingly, then click “Update Clearance” when you are done.

Assigning Students and Other Users to Clearances

1. Select a requirement wherein you will be assigning students and click the "View Assigned" button.

2. This will redirect you to the Assigned users list. Here, you can view the state of each student's requirement or add and remove students to the requirement.

  • For Verification -- Students that have signified that they have accomplished the task.

  • Pending -- Students newly assigned to the requirement or have not yet signified that they have accomplished the task.

  • Done -- Students that have accomplished the requirement and was verified by the clearance reviewer.

Assigning Students to a Requirement

1. From the Assigned users list, click the +Add User button.

2. In the pop-up, select the types of users to be added:

  • Group/Bulk Assignment - These options will automatically assign students, faculty members based on your selection.

    • Students of Program

    • Students with Status

    • All Faculty

    • Faculty with Status

    • User Groups

  • Individual Assignment - This option will require you to manually input the names of users, students, faculty members.

    • Selected Users

3. Click the Add Assignees button once you are done.

Users will receive notifications when they are assigned a clearance.

Removing Students from a Requirement

1. From the Assigned users list, click the remove button next to the name of the student or user to be removed.

2. A confirmation pop-up will be displayed to confirm the action. Click 'Ok' to proceed.

Deleting A Requirement

1. To delete a requirement, click on an items respective trash/delete icon.

2. You will a receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete the requirement. Choose “Delete”.

3. The requirement is now removed.

Searching A Requirement

  1. To search for a requirement, input a keyword on the search bar above, then press the Enter key of your keyboard.

  2. The results will show on the list below.

Search will only return results based on the selected filters (ie Term filter)

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