How to Grade your Students - Update Academic Score Sheet

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Managing Assessment Tools

Adding Assessment Tools

Once you've logged in and accessed the Grading Sheet of your chosen class, you may begin inputting grades.

1.Choose the Term Grading Sheet you want to edit from the dropdown.

2.Click the + sign beside your chosen Grading Component to add a column. This will automatically add a new column to the Grading Component.

By default, the headers of each assessment tool will show the date when the assessment tools were added.

3.Once the grading sheet reflects the additional column, you can input the assessment's maximum score on the Max Score row. The Total Grade will automatically compute based on the Max Score inputted.

Updating Assessment Tool Details

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Deleting Assessment Tools

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Encoding Grades per Assessment Tool

Numeric Grades

Once assessment tools have been added, you can now start to input the Students' Grades. Wait for the Grade successfully updated before grading the next student.

Quick Tip: Hit ENTER to move to the next row and TAB to move to the next column.

Adding Remarks

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Marking Students as Excused per Assessment Tool

1.Go to your Grading Sheet and click the i button to excuse a student.

2. Click the Excused box to tag the Student as excused. You may also choose to input remarks.

3. Once a student is tagged excused from an assessment, their grade for the specific assessment will no be included in his total grade.

Adding Plus Grades (Raw Grades)

A Plus Grade is additional points added to the final raw grade of the student

1.Proceed to your Grading Sheet and look for the Plus Column.

2. Input the Plus Grade to your chosen student and hit enter. It will add additional points to the Final/Raw Grade which will then be Transmuted.

Overriding a Student's Transmutation Table

  1. Go to your chosen grading sheet and proceed to the Transmuted column.

2. Hover your mouse to your chosen student's transmuted grade and click the Pen icon..

3. You will directed to a the transmutation Settings. Click on the dropdown and choose from the available transmutation options. Click Replace to save.

If you can't find a transmutation option that fits your requirement, please contact your Subject Coordinator.

4. The page will refresh and the Transmuted grade will reflect the changes made.

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