School Reports

Last updated: May 7, 2020 by CBT

Purpose: To generate available school reports. For now, this page contains one report only.

Prerequisite/Dependencies: Students' grades data

Go to Utilities > School Reports

Master Grading Sheet

This report shows all students' grade for the current year including their ranking within the section and within the grade level

1) Select the filters for the report.

  • Term to generate - for what term should the report show?

  • Hide average and rank (checkbox) - should the report only show the grades?

  • Grade Level - for what grade level should the report generate?

    • Include all sections (checkbox) - should all the sections for that grade level be included in the report?; if ticked, Sections included drop-down will disappear.

    • Sections included (will only appear when Include all sections is unticked) - what sections should the report generate?

2) Once done, click Generate Report.

Generation may take a while depending on the number of students to generate. You may get back to it after a time.

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